Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Where The Heart Is...

Fly fly fly!
Storms begone from my wings!
Fly Fly Fly!
My heart finds a voice and sings!
Dark clouds weigh my soul no more!
Let sunshine grace my door!
Fly Fly Fly!
I seek my way home to rest!
Fly fly fly!
Where my heart is always loved best. <3

Home is so many places.  Where the heart settles in close and warm to another, where the sea meets the shore, where the sky meets the earth.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I am certain there are arms waiting to hold me there.  Where there is love, there will always be a place to build a home upon. 
Bricks and mortar need not apply, it is love Love LOVE that makes me fly. <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Light in the Tunnel

  My heart so heavy in tunnels dark
I held the tears of pain
Without a shining smile to guide
Those tears fell down like rain

And in the blackest pitch of night
I touched my gift from you
And before I knew it gone my pain
And the love in my heart grew

No sadness weighs my smile now
No grim feelings here
No remorse for days gone by
Your love displaced my fear

So it goes til journey's end
Until the darkness binds
I shall be joyous with your heart
And to your soul be kind

The smiles you gave to my aching heart
Shall let us grow, to ne'er part

Written for my son's endeavor.  Give it a look and share the love, will you?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ten Years

A child grows and seasons change
From Fall to Spring again
And while the grass grows green and full
I sit and remember when

There was no love nor smiles dear
Nor holding of our hands
There was no laughter warm and sweet
Before we two began

And in the years we've cherished dear
So close to touching hearts
The love we made brings us close
So close to ne'er part

For all the winds that filled our sails
And all the sunny days
We two, together built a life
And here we wish to stay

Until sun sets upon our cheeks
Until the sails lie down
Until the grass turns from green
Our love shall be our crown

Nestled lightly on our brow
It's weight no earthly chore
To lift us up in joyous praise
We shall love for ever more

With love and respect for Tess and Tim Gilmer.
A glass raised to a lifetime of love.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Proper Use And Care of a Soul

Every woman is a Goddess.  Every man is a God.  And far too often, we forget that very important piece of information.  Too often, we lose sight of the powerful beings in the room with us, sitting in the chair across from us, or just sharing our space. We forget. We lose sight of the fact that these individuals should be revered and honored with kindness and love. They should have adoration rained down upon them in a manner befitting a Celestial being.  They deserve to be respected for who they are and what they bring into our lives.  But many times we find ourselves without the proper respect for such a deity. And that is when we miss something worth paying attention to. 

So my advice to all of you out there is to reach out your hand, and place it lovingly over the hand of the Divine Being beside you.  Take that flesh into your own, and caress it, stroke it, demonstrate that you feel for them the way they deserve. Let them believe that you do, as only a lover can. Divinity deserves attention, and care, and open displays of affection.  So be attentive and caring to that wonder in your life before you wake up one day and regret your inattentiveness.

You will miss them when they are gone.

So today, right now, take the time to see the wonder inside your partner. Revel in their differences, and rejoice in their presence. Celebrate each day you have with them in a way that is meaningful and pleasurable, and brings you BOTH (or as many of you are involved...) happiness and laughter.  See the beauty that lies behind those eyes, and sing praises about them.  Love that Goddess, Love that God.  Revere them, and show them off to the world.  Love them and hold them close, but hold them close with an open hand, not possessively, but gently and with respect.  Do this, and you never know how your inner Divinity will reward you.

As is stated in Doreen Valiente's Charge of the Star Goddess, "All acts of love and pleasure are My rituals".  Be mindful of that and you might be a more worthy worshipper.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dream of the Raven's Gate XII

The sea carried my body from the shores of Sanity. I felt the ebb and flow of the tide against my fragile mind.  Screams and furor filled my ears and my voice, shrill and broken, poured from my mouth soundlessly.  I was lost.

Green and slithering, His Voice poured into my hollow shell with all the fluidity of Virginia mud.  It's thick, viscous slime tainting the essence of what little self I had left inside the feeble confines of my consciousness.  It crawled like a living thing, it accompanied the taproots that bored themselves into my soul.  I floated along, unable to steer myself in any direction, unable to see my destination,  but feeling the pull of the deepening Madness. I was going to be taken there... to R'Lyeh... and I was going to become a servant to the Great Old One.  I could feel the changes being made to me as Karasu had been changed so long ago.

 Karasu.  I knew him, didn't I? My mind wandered to distant shores, to places I had never been, and to scenes I could not have witnessed.   I saw a ship thrown about in a raging storm, I was a great city rise from the sea and feel the terror of men over generations.  Karasu.  How was this finding it's way here, inside me now?   How was it that I could feel lost in eternity, yet tied to that foul creature?  He called me 'child'.  Why?  And where was that damned Key, anyway?  Where did I leave it? Where had it gotten off to?  Suddenly, I felt a great urge to find it.  I felt a powerful drive to seek out my Key. Now.  Frenzied I wanted to thrash, to flail against my mental bindings... to rebel against the power holding my broken mind in it's grasp.  A sound, not His, reached my core.  Three Caws. Again. And Again.  A crow? Here at sea? How... And my mind fell away into the depths of confusion.

Colors swirled against the sky, disjointed scents filled my nostrils, and non-rhythmic drums hammered against my chest. 
And again...

Caw. Caw. Caw...

<a noise like a muffled scream...>


The Story So Far

Fingers, ancient and clumsy, turn the gilded pages of my life's story.  Some chapters are written so beautifully that tears pour from the corners of wrinkled eyes. Others make the pruned lips mouth "Who the hell edited THIS?"

Good and bad, our stories are written by our own hands. Our choices shape words, sentences, paragraphs, and eventually chapters.  Often, those chapters end unexpectedly, but as always, the story continues until no more ink runs from the pen and we close our eyes on the last page.  A recent status update from a friend pointed to an article about regrets. We all have them.  It's how we learn from the choices we made that led to those regrets that makes us better people. 

I've made more mistakes than some, less than others.  I have beautiful, flowery prose filling volumes of my life's story, and I have train wrecks that end those chapters.  I struggle to be better, I try as hard as I can to be more than I think I can be.  I make every effort to give back to the world as best I can.  Somewhere, in the cryptic lines that fill parts of my story so far, I see the markers, I note the places where I might have made different choices, and I accept that at every single fork, I took the road that led me here. 
And I do not regret the choices I made.  I regret that my choices sometimes hurt myself or those I love.  I regret that I could not give more, do more, or be more to those who needed it.   But I will keep trying to see the smiles, to bring sunshine. and to love, Love, LOVE! 

To you all, I offer my hand, my ear, my shoulder, my very being.  I am happy to have you along as characters in my own story, and I am honored and humbled to be a part of yours.

Thank you. 
I love you <3

"A hand held over a candle in angst-fuelled bravado
A carbon trail scores a moist stretched palm
Trapped in the indecision of another fine menu
And you sit there and ask me to tell you the story so far
This is the story so far"
                    "Slainte Mhath"