Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I decided when I got my own place to begin a tradition. In Japan, when one returns home from being out, the word 'Tadaima' is uttered upon entering the home again. The response, said by anyone home, is 'Okaerinasai'. Literally, they mean "I'm Home" and "Welcome Home" respectively. I like that. I like the formality of announcing your arrival back home, and being greeted by loved ones in return. It made me happy the first time I saw it in a Japanese video, and I always wanted to have that as part of my life. 

Now I do. 

I really do love the idea of being greeted when returning home. It's warming and sweet, and reminds me that no matter where we've been, our presence is appreciated at the places we call home. It's nice to be appreciated. And it's just as wonderful to greet a loved one with a smile, a happy face, and a word that acknowledges their presence in the home.  

So I'm here, waiting to acknowledge you when you come home, which of course, is 'Uchi'.