Saturday, May 25, 2013


I missed the sign-ups for Boston's Run to Remember this year mostly because I dragged my feet, but in part because there was a significant rise in registration after the Marathon Bombing.  I found out this morning (I've had my eye off the ball, ok?) that there are NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED at the start/finish line.

Are you fucking kidding me?

The applause and roar that hits you when you come down that straight to the finish line is such a boost. I am not competitive by nature, but damn if that really doesn't get you going. So the absence of that crowd at the line will be horribly missed. I can imagine that the volunteers will still be cheering, but that's not the same, is it?

And it also means that the jackasses who bombed Boston have won.

Boston Strong?  No. Boston lied down. It was just a slogan after all, wasn't it?

We can keep enormous public places such as airports safe from terrorists with expert screenings by those wonderful TSA agents. We can keep Disneyland safe with private security screenings and we can identify individuals with automated camera technology. Hell, we can even keep the 911 Memorial safe with a process strongly resembling an airport screening, but we can't do this is Boston even AFTER it's already been attacked? I wonder how many people pass through the gates at O'Hare every day? I bet it's a shitload more than the crowd attending the Run to Remember tomorrow.  I guess it's just too much to ask.

There is a huge part of me that wants to go get arrested for standing on that bridge and cheering the runners on. I know I won't, because if the other associated negatives that go along with that, but damn do I want to.

If you are running the race this weekend, then YOU are Boston's Strong. You didn't lie down and let terrorism take over your life, and I applaud you.

This is Memorial Day Weekend. A time when we are supposed to honor those fallen in defense of our freedom. Boston's Run to Remember is about that as well.  Let's not forget that we are still free. At least until we lie the fuck down willingly.