Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Can Do It

While my brain festers and boils over such wonders as the Raven's Gate, some more Angus frivolity, and a sonnet or two, I figured I'd take a few minutes and spill a little positivity out onto all of you, dear readers.

As the title states, YOU CAN DO IT!

Whatever it is, you can! I remember bobbling into and out of various seminars over the years, you know those motivational ones?  Yeah... I thought they all sucked, too.  Well MOST of them, anyway.  There was exactly ONE that was tolerable, but eventually became a sales pitch for the damned organizer, so Franklin-Covey?  Yeah.  You sucked too. The problem is that they all seemed so disingenuous, like who were these people and why do they deserve to be all frikkin happy and positive..  I never found out WHY they were positive, just that they were and that was that.  Right...  Like THAT is reality. I always felt like there was something missing from the presentations - something PERSONAL.  I want to know that the guy telling me to be happy and positive had a problem this morning, spilled coffee on his new suit, had to buy a new one and a bucket of salve before showing up to present, and was in excruciating pain right now...  But that never happened.  The presenter was just a boring guy with a script to read from.  Big whoop.

These days,  I'd like to think that there are a few people feeling better about their positions in the world because they were cheered on.  And it feels pretty damned good to be that cheerleader, I think. Everyone has a bad day, many people have a LOT of them.  Sometimes it's because of nonsense, others just because...well... 'Just Because' can be a reason.  It would be nice if 'Just Because' was a reason to have a good day as well, but it usually isn't.  Easier to feel bad than good, it seems.  

So here's the story.  If you need a little cheering up, Let me know.  I have a LOT of cheer these days (or so it seems) and I'd be happy to poke at you a couple times a week and give you a Rah-Rah.  If you need a little less cheering, that's okay too... just lemme know the level of Prompting you need and we are off!  

Because you CAN.

I believe in you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unexpected Win

No matter where my life takes me, or how long I am there, I continue to be amazed by the breadth of the experiences I am allowed to be party to.

I got a phone call today from a very unexpected person. She wanted to share with me her exuberance over the days events, and I was more than happy to listen. She spoke passionately about what I would consider a major win in ANY circumstance, and through her voice and her projected smile, I could tell that she was genuinely proud of herself, and rightly so.

She told me how thankful she was for the experiences we shared as husband and wife. And I got to thinking that maybe I should have thanked her for the same. I never thought of myself as anyone even remotely interested in the agricultural side of life (at least not as an adult), nor as a "horse person". Seems I am. I find I approach animals with a different outlook as well... She treated them better than some people treat their children, and it appears that I kept a little of that in me. We had some very wonderful adventures, she and I. And I am truly thankful for them, and for her being a part of my life. We are apart now, but forever connected through the ribbon of a wonderful little girl. Looking on the bright side of everything keeps her face in the sunshine...and her smile did love sunshine.

No matter the spread of time or distance, we were happy once, Niki. I do remember those times. And I AM proud of you.

Now go kick some ass and embrace that power you felt today. And like you said: "You did it!"