Sunday, October 6, 2013


I don't like following the rules.

I cross against the light. I don't always cross in the crosswalk or stay inside the lines. I don't have a problem cutting a light when turning right, pushing my way into an intersection to make a turn, or making my own damned parking spot.  I'm okay with skirting the regulations, with not necessarily following the return policy, and I'm perfectly fine with peer-to-peer networks. I can pick locks, I collect keys, I watch for entry codes when I can, and I love to be where I'm not supposed to be. The 'No Admittance' sign? It's like an invitation.

I'm not overly concerned with making mistakes. If it happens, I'll deal with the fallout. If something breaks, I'll fix it. If I'm not supposed to do it, I probably will. Or at least try. Why not? You'll stand there and worry about getting in trouble while I'm already seeing what that button does.  Tell me your reasons for being constrained by unenforceable regulations and I'll smile and not worry to much about them. Tell me why you simply MUST follow the included instructions and I'll just see if I can't figure out how to operate it myself.

I'm rambling here, but you get my point. I'm a scofflaw. I'm a rogue. I'm a hooligan. I'm a rascal, a scoundrel, and a trickster. I'm that guy your mother warned you about or you were told not to fall in with. I'm trouble with a capital T.  But you know what? I'm not going to apologize for it one bit. If there's a way around that rule, I'm going to find it with a smile on my face. Too much of life is wrapped in warning stickers and lists of rules. I say loosen up a little and stop sweating over pulling that tag off your mattress. Stroll down the corridor at the mall that leads off the beaten path. See what's behind door number 3. Live a little. Sometimes, it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

Life is full of rules made up to keep us "safe".  I wonder out loud if many of those rules aren't there just to keep us compliant. So, I've got the flashlight and my pick set. Let's see what we can see...