Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Standing Ground

I won't ever lie down.

No matter the efforts to make me, I won't do it. I will not be scared off of my land by any act of terrorism, nor will I simply resign my rights as an American in the name of  "National Security". I will question authority always, I will push back where I can, and I will not give up the things I love when threatened.

I'm stubborn like that.

The bombing of the Marathon today scared people I love, and that is more than enough reason to never slip quietly into the dark mass of sheep willing to be afraid to keep doing what they love. I doubt any of the runners today would consider not competing again, given the chance. I am going to run through the streets of Boston in a month or so. I'll be aware of the increased security that is bound to be in place, and I will grudgingly line up in the inevitable lines to be screened before running, but I WILL run. It would be a disgrace to do otherwise.

I am happy being the man I am. I take chances, but there is little to be gained from being timid. Some consider this to be a fault of character, but I do not. I wear my scars proudly, and I savor the pain that I endured to gain them. Each one is a sentence, or a word, or a paragraph waiting to become a part of my lifelong story, and so far I've got quite a tale going. Look closely at my heart and you'll see the map of my travels. You will see the roads I have taken to be who I am, and the places I've been. You will read between the lines and surmise that I am careless with my heart and my body.

And you'd be wrong.

I am not careless. I am daring. I stand before you naked and honest about all the mended bones and all the bandaged flesh. I am more than the sum of my parts. I have wrapped myself in chance, and I am happy to fail again and again, each time rising to accept the pain and hurt. Each time, learning more of what it means to be me.

To those wanting the world to tremble with fear, I am the enemy. I will never lie down before you.


And I strive to inspire others to do the same.

Stand up and shout to the world that we will not be afraid to be who we are.

I am Wicked.
I will not go quietly.

Will you?